08 August 2008

Sleep is for those who are not Podcasters

It was getting light by the time I finished my first round of work on "The Voice in the Night." Most of that was setup and experimentation work, though, trying to find a vocal effect that I like for "the voice." The vocal take is 50% edited, the project is configured the way I like it, and the rest will go faster. Then I'm on to experimenting with the environmental sounds, mix-down, and mastering settings.

The rough plan is to do a few short stories, just to get the hang of everything again, and then pick a sound setup that I like and use it to tackle a novel. The stories are generally short enough to record in one session, before my voice starts to give out. The problem with a novel is that it will require numerous installments and numerous nights of recording, and I want them all to sound the same. No one likes to go back and re-do completed work, so it's important to try to get it right up front!

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