15 October 2008

The House on the Borderland Underway

I've begun recording the Hodgson novel The House on the Borderland. That will be the next project, and I'll serialize it by chapter. It will take me a while to complete this one -- sorry, I don't have an ETA, especially since things are going to be unpredictable with the new baby. My goal is to get enough quiet time to finish recording the text of the book before the baby arrives. Quiet time will then likely be very scarce, but I'll do my best.

New Podcast

I have a second podcast and a blog tracking it here. This is more of a personal project. I have a few ideas for episodes, but the general format is going to be whatever pops into my head, so I'm calling it the Potts House General Purpose Podcast.

I'm expecting that "whatever pops into my head" might include field recordings, original ambient music, movie or book reviews, interviews, and rants about this and/or that. Enjoy in moderation!