18 July 2006

The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" Chapter 1: The Land of Lonesomeness

The survivors of the Glen Carrig paddle their lifeboats up a creek in search of fresh water, only to find a desolate land haunted by eerie sounds.

Music for chapter 1 is by Samsa, from the album The Laurentian Divide. This work is available from darkwinter.com under the same Creative Commons license as the podcast. The Samsa tracks I chose for this episode are "Glow, Sparkle, Dust," "Edge of Forever," "Leaving Trees," "From the Mountain, and "Channelate."

Sound effects are taken from the album Thaw -- Field Recordings from Minnesota, available at wanderingear.com.

MP3 file


LiberalMedium said...

I just found your Hodgson readings and wanted to say thanks for making them.

Paul Potts said...

You are very welcome -- I still have hopes and plans to pick this series back up and do some new readings and maybe re-do some old ones. I have a much better-sounding home studio room and recording gear, more experience, and I have bids on some microphones on eBay right now so maybe soon.

Paul Potts said...

It is hard to find quiet time these days since I have five kids now : )