06 February 2007

Collected Fiction Volume 5 Delayed; Anniversary of the Glen Carrig

Amazon is reporting that Volume 5 of the Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson is delayed yet again. Amazon now predicts delivery in early April. The Night Shade Books web site still says "to be published in 2006." (For very large values of 2006, I suppose). It can't come soon enough for me. I am eagerly looking forward to reading The Dream of X!

2007 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Boats of the Glen Carrig. Or, if you follow the book's internal chronology, the 250th anniversary. After recording the whole novel for the podcast, I can almost recite the subtitle from memory:

"Being an account of their Adventures in the Strange places of the Earth, after the foundering of the good ship Glen Carrig through striking upon a hidden rock in the unknown seas to the Southward. As told by John Winterstraw, Gent., to his Son James Winterstraw, in the year 1757, and by him committed very properly and legibly to manuscript."


thingmaker said...

I just discovered your blog and made up anOOther GOOGLE account so I could thank you. (I never remember them and so I rarely comment on blogs that don't allow anonymous comments - This account will probably lapse shortly) .

I'm downloading your reading of "Boats of the Glen Carrig" at this moment. I really like the novel and your reading much appreciated.

Your use of music is interesting and effective in the chpter I have listened to. My own taste runs to material used in film scores. I associate Christopher Young's "Hellraiser 2" (and other scores) with "The Night Land" and various material by Bernard Herrmann with Hodgson's sea stories.

I have adapted a couple of Hodgson's sea stories as roleplaying scenarios for tabletop play (With sfx, music and images to supplement) and find his writing to be a constant source of inspiration whenever I do any horror type gaming.

I first discovered W.H.H. as one of the writers praised by H.P.L. in his essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature", which prompted me to begin seeking out his work.

Steve in San Francisco

Paul R. Potts said...

Thank you for your comments, Steve! I'm glad to get some feedback on the project. I have been trying to decide if I'm going to record some more Hodgson material -- it is a challenge with two small babies at home and very little quiet time. The next project might be The Ghost Pirates. I have recently been listening to the "Moon Over Morocco" radio drama, something I first heard many years ago, and it has been inspiring me to consider doing more of a true radio-drama adaptation. That might have to wait until I have a budget with more than zero dollars in it.

I chose the music for "Boats" because I liked it, but also because it was all available under a Creative Commons license. I really appreciate what the Dark Winter label is doing. I'm not completely satisfied with the way all of my choices and mixing came out, but given the resources I had at my disposal I think it was not too bad. (FYI, my favorite chapter as far as the success of the music and sound effects is chapter 5). There is a lot more pod-safe music now, including a lot of CC-licensed material. The problem is not a lack of material, but sifting through it all. I am also a musician myself so it is possible some original music might find its way into the mix.

The role-playing scenarios sound quite cool. Hodgson's work is not always stellar as far as the quality of his writing goes, but his imagination is unparalleled!