23 July 2006

The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" Chapter 5: The Great Storm

The crew of the boats, having left behind the Land of Lonesomeness, encounters a storm of tremendous power.

Music for chapter 5 is by Cordell Klier, from the album Emmisary, available at darkwinter.com.

Boat sound effects are taken from the album Thaw -- Field Recordings from Minnesota, available at wanderingear.com.

Storm and wind sound effects are taken from the freesound project. The individual files are attributed as follows:

1. By SpeedY (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/usersViewSingle.php?id=6479): full_thuderstorm.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=17055)

2. By jakeharries (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/usersViewSingle.php?id=373): waves_cave-29-10-05_02.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=9316)

3. By medialint (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/usersViewSingle.php?id=32690): nord_analog_howling_wind_storm.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=11863)

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